18 June 2013
18 June 2013,
Want to be instantly unique in a business gathering?  Want to attract interest and get people to ask you more about your products and services?

Imagine this: You’re at a networking event and you meet someone for the first time.  Here’s what they typically ask you: “What do you do?”  So you say (for example) : “I am the Sales Manager for Hotel ABC.” Or if you sell products (for example): “I am working for Company XYZ.  We manufacture cleaning products for factories.”  Hmm… not bad.  But what about this?

They ask, “What do you do?” And you say, “I help business travelers have a more comfortable stay.”  Or in the case of cleaning products, “I help reduce foodborne illness from factory-processed foods.”

Many people still introduce themselves by their titles, companies, and products despite all the sales trainings that have taught them that “People don’t buy services/products. They buy solutions.”  So what is the solution you offer?  How can you introduce yourself by your solutions?

I am a proud salesman because I look at sales in a different light.  If done correctly and with integrity, we are helping people find solutions to their problems. After 18 years selling solutions (from products to services), I have built trust.  Why?  Because I position myself as a solutions provider, even if the best solution at times is to let them buy from somebody else.

Starting from the way we introduce ourselves when we build our network, are we introducing ourselves as a product peddler?  Or are we introducing ourselves as a solutions provider?  Are we passionate about helping others have a better experience, easier lives, and better business?

Whatever you’re selling, do it with a solutions-centered mind.  Do it for the sake of the customer.

Coach Cynthia is passionate about doing business with integrity and purpose.  She is the Founder of ActionCOACH South Jakarta, a business coaching firm that helps business people accelerate success with a proven system.  To find out more about Cynthia, go to http://www.actioncoach.com/cynthiawihardja

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