18 June 2013

Not what you do, but what you solve.

18 June 2013,

Want to be instantly unique in a business gathering? ¬†Want to attract interest and get people to ask you more about your products and […]

10 September 2012

The Rich Are Getting Younger

10 September 2012,

Back in the old days, starting your own business was something that you did after you work for other people. These days, people are […]

26 December 2011


26 December 2011,

What is leadership? Who can become a leader? Is a leader born or made? There are many books, which try to give you all […]

7 October 2011

Kepemimpinan dan Pengaruhnya

7 October 2011,

Tingkat pengaruh seorang pemimpin ditentukan oleh 3 hal: Berapa besar perubahan yang dibuatnya. Berapa luas pengaruh perubahan tersebut dimasyarakat. Berapa lama perubahan tersebut bisa¬† […]