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22 October 2010,
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22 October 2010
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Coach Cahyadi Kurniawan

Coach Cahyadi

if we cannot have the “same language” how can we talk quality. In the daily life, we need to introspect whether we communicate or not. We know, that we talk every day,  but talking is only a one way traffic while communication is a two way traffic.

I strongly believe, in the daily life, communication between people is a key point to success and I don’t know what is the smart way to communicate all your ideas to your people. Should I call up a meeting every day? (Some company does), doing a big speech to all your people monthly? Or a daily briefing, coaching and…. a lot of shouting.

All the creature in this world communicate, either through language, gesture, smell touch etc., and the high end human being, they communicate with language, the problem is, there are too many languages in the world, so the society starts to select the language which is understandable between themselves.

Outside the language problem, we face the different way of using language, a technical person will like to use technical term, point to point, most of the time exact, emotionless language, while the commercial person will use polite (most of them even too humble), more descriptive language and the novelist will use all the flowery and beautiful language to express the story.

And what happen when these sorts of people communicate with each other’s? Most of them they just “talk” with each other’s and not communicate. Like the principal of TQM, Crossby defined that Quality is the conformance to the Requirement, and a requirement can only be established if booth parties communicate well and agree on it.

A common example of miscommunication, Your ink is no good, what is no good, too viscous, how viscous? Like nose secretion (Ingus, I do not know the right English word, please help!), how can a lab guy help you anything if they do not know exactly what your customer wants. But if you give them a sample and show this is the viscosity my customer wants, they can do it for you. The others way around, the good ink should be pH 8.5 – 9.5, what is pH, the commercial guy should understand and not coming back with a report pH 17!!!.

See how difficult is communication!  if we cannot have the “same language” how can we talk quality. In the daily life, we need to introspect whether we communicate or not. We know, that we talk every day, but talking is only a one way traffic while communication is a two way traffic. Make sure every time you communicate, your partner gives a feed back and both of you have the same perception, then you start the Quality.

Discover the requirements through communications
The commercial people is the first contact with the customer, your job is to find out what they want, and most of the time our customers do not know what they want (how can they know better on the ink rather than you, an ink maker?). Ask open and close question, lead them to our product benefits AND never hesitate to guide (if the word teach is too strong) if their knowledge on ink is not right.

I understand sometime we are born in a culture that the important thing is co-exist through tolerance, but tolerate does not mean dare not speak the truth. (I remembered reading an article from the late MAW Brower who stated that in Jawa, the mother told the boy, hai Ahmad never up set your neighbor, while in Netherlands, the mother said, hai John, Tell the truth!).

If you think your customer will up set (such as more experience and older than you) when you guide him/her,  you can use the indirect way such as stating a Benefit Tag follow by a Close Question and put in a way that you want his/her opinion (but actually you let him/her think).

I repeat some points here, which actually has been transferred to you during several occasion of coaching and selling skill training.

  • Get correct informations through questions, open, close, benefit tag + close.
  • Find out what is the buying motivation.
  • Remember the common requirements of people on different position, Bosses/owners want profit/make more money, Purchasers want the cheapest, Production wants productivity, trouble free. Users want easy to use and safe, Technical/Engineers want new and sophisticated things.
  • Different age and different position has a different needs:
    1. Young, energetic at supervisor stage, they want carrier advancement, help them that way.
    2. Middle age, stuck in the same pit for several years, usual they do not have the courage to change, so seldom is a decision-maker; they need respect and money.
    3. Old and high position, they need respect, you can get the wisdom and history of the industry from him/her, and history is true but might not applicable for the present and future.
    4. Others specific needs which you have to find out.
  • Ancient Chinese teaching said: People are born in a good manner, only the environments will turn them into Bad or Good.
  • So do not destroy the mentality of people, it is the ethic as a good citizen

– Coach Cahyadi –

ActionCOACH South Jakarta business coaches guide businesses in selecting and implementing effective and cost-efficient marketing strategies to boost results with a proven 17-week guarantee. For more information on business coaching, visit or call 021 2567 5775 .



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