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7 November 2015,
Better Team

Dare to Take Risk

7 November 2015
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What is exactly Risk?

Risk is simply loss potential. The degree of risk depends on the knowledge and control that someone has over something.

For example: Is flying an Airbus A380 risky?

Yes, it is very risky…for an angkot driver to fly an Airbus A 380. Due to his lack of  knowledge on how to fly one. But for a real trained pilot, flying the big bird won’t be that difficult. Even with the uncontrollable factors such as the weather, his competency reduces the safety risk greatly. In other word the level of risk in flying an Airbus A380 depends on who’s driving it.

Conclusion : The level of risk is inversly proportional with the knowledge and control that someone posses over something/situation.

Risk Taker Vs Risk Adverser

A lot of people know a lot of things. They attend all kind of seminars about business, management, leadership, motivation, and they even memorize all the principles, but they don’t apply it. They belong into a group paralysed by analyse. They are Risk Adverser, the one who dare not to take any risk. They are having more fun in analyzing things in detail and to find perfection than actually do it. At the end of the day they lost opportunities in competition, and they seem to be more suitable to become an academic rather than a business owner or CEO.

But there is also these extreme groups, who just do it,  but without proper knowledge. They end up in going through many unpleasant situations, loss, and constantly learning from unnecessary “experiences” that actually can be avoided.

Support Risk taking

Successful business is dynamic, where the businessman is always try something different and new, in order to reach a new height of success. That’s why they have to dare to take risk and to get out from their comfort zone.

What makes succesful businessman different from the rest is that they take CALCULATED RISK. He/she has already calculated the loss potention, whether it still can be  justified or not. They prepare also a CONTIGENCY PLAN, if plan A doesn’t suceed, move to plan B.

Plan Well, Execute Effectively

This is Sun Tzu strategy, when we go to war, plan well, but don’t make it meticulously. Then do it FAST and RIGHT.

It’s imposible to make everything 100% perfect, if you already have 60% of what you should know, it’s time to take risk and Just Do It! because waiting to get information/skill will cost opportunities/momentums.

Coach Cahyadi Kurniawan

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