dealing with difficult people

Dealing With Difficult People

Leadership, sales, Customer Service, Recruitment all need the skills to relate to different kinds of people. There are 4 main personality types, DISC. How can we relate effectively with people by understanding these types? How can we resolve conflicts that may arise from the differences? Become a better leader, salesman, customer service, and human resource professional by learning these skills. (Bahasa Indonesia) Rp. 850.000

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how to attract the best talents

How to Attract The Best Talents & retain Them for Life

Do you find it hard to get good people? Learn how to build a leadership culture and a business that attracts excellent people. With this DVD, learn how to design an incentive system that makes your people self-driven towards goal achievement and success. (Bahasa Indonesia) Rp. 850.000
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leaders just dont only lead

Leaders Don’t Just Lead, They Get Results

Leadership is not only about motivating people, it’s about achieving results through people. Learn how to lead employees with different levels of skills and motivation. Learn the proven tools of management to manage tasks and achieve the best results for your company. (Bahasa Indonesia) Rp. 850.000
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sales rich

Sales Rich

Most of the time, sales people have a bad reputation of being pushy. Because of that, their closing rate is limited. With Sales Rich, you will learn how to be a sales person who is a partner to your clients in finding the best solutions for their needs. Learn the proven techniques that will increase your sales performance and relationship with your clients. (Bahasa Indonesia) Rp. 850.000
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profitable networking

Profitable Networking

Coach Cynthia invested Rp. 27 Million in 2 years in networking. She gained more than Rp. 1.2 Billion in new business from her network. Not only net-eating and net-drinking, but really networking. How to get more name cards, more leads, and more value out of your investment in networking events? How to attract attention and stand out in a crowd? This DVD not only teaches you how to network effectively and creatively, but also how to network profitably. (Bahasa Indonesia) Rp. 850.000
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time rich

Time Rich

Busy-ness and Business are 2 different things. This DVD will give you proven steps to win more time for strategic thinking and for your own quality of life. You will also learn the art of effective delegation in order to increase your personal satisfaction at work. (Bahasa Indonesia) Rp. 850.000
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smooth succession planning

Smooth Succession Planning

For family businesses planning for succession to the next generation, this workshop will open your mind to the things you need to prepare before handing your business over. Learn about the different way of thinking between founder and successor and how to align them. Learn the 6 steps to build a business that can be transitioned to a professional management team. (Bahasa Indonesia) Rp. 850.000
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dvd brad

Billionaire In Training

Do you want to have more time, money, health, and time freedom in only 7 – 10 years? Brad Sugars explains how he’s done it for himself. Learn how the founder of ActionCOACH reached millionaire status before 30 years old and develop his business in 37 countries in the last 18 years. (English) Rp. 850.000
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street smart

Street Smart Financial Skills

Getting rich isn’t everything; you’ve got to know how to stay rich. If not, the wealth that you’ve built all these years may gradually deplete itself. This DVD is suited for those of you ready to master more about your finances in business and in life. This DVD is best for those who want to plan for a safe and prosperous future ahead. (Bahasa Indonesia) Rp. 850.000
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Successful Franchising1

Successful Franchising

This DVD explains what it takes to build a successful franchise, what to watch out for in buying a franchise, and how to ensure return of investment and long-term profitability. Learn from Brad Sugars who has built his franchise profitably in the last 18 years in 37 countries with over 1000 franchisees. (English) Rp. 850.000
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mind rich

Mind Rich

Knowledge and experience alone do not guarantee sustainable success. The secret of successful people usually begins with a winning mindset. With this mindset, implementing the steps towards success will be easier. Without the right mindset, efforts to reach success seem so difficult. Learn the mindset directly from Brad Sugars himself. (English) Rp. 1.200.000
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