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7 November 2015,
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Execution – The Discipline of Getting Things Done

7 November 2015
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Nothing get DONE without a superb Execution!

We heard often about great plan, strategic plan, but at the end they only become a piece of paper and FAILED to be executed because of the 4 factors below:

1. Too Many Things to be done -> Focus only on what’s important.

There are too many targets. Human is simple minded, our brain doesn’t like something complicated, and some said we can only do well 2 – 3 tasks at the same period of time. Thus it is not recommended to to set target more than 5. Experience speaks that the result of more than 5 targets setting is much less than the result of only 3 – 5 target settings.

That’s why be smart with the Paretto ratio principal. DO THE FIRST THING FIRST, and without doubt we will achieve more.

2. Never Measure -> Set Clear measurement

In our daily life, we are not used to set measurement. In fact we are afraid to be measured, because we might fail to achieve the target. If we want to achieve a superb result, then it has to be measured.

We should set a simple one such as when a task should be done, how the result should look like, not only in qualitative but also in quantitative.

3. Not translated into Action -> Translate into a clear simple Action Plan and Just DO IT

Often lost in analysis, because we are trying to put everything and connect all kind of aspects and factors in the business world. At the end we become paralyzed by it, trapped in a complicated analysis and miss the chance.

Especially in a growing company, there are too many people with different ideas. Trying to synergize them all in one ACTION PLAN seems a good idea, but often it becomes too long-winded. And then we start to hear: “Meeting, that is the only thing that the boss does. Since we are only employee, and the clear instruction hasn’t come out yet, so just relax…”

Not to mention the syndrome: Stay safe. In every decision, right or wrong there’s got to be a risk. In order to avoid mistake people tend to avoid taking any decision, leaving the problem unsolved. This is the source of much bigger problem.

Of course we have to calculate the risk. If the risk of a mistake is not fatal and the financial lost is small, then Just Do It!

After taking a decision,  it has to be translated in a clear and easy to understand implementation steps. Next, we have to convince people around us to do it, thus interpersonal skill is necessary.

4. You do it Yourself  -> Involve Everybody to participate

Often people with good initiative start to make change for improvement without getting any support from his/her environment. And then he/she become frustrated and surrender, and let the situation takes over, or resign to find a better one.

It’s impossible to make a big change without the support of people around us. If we cannot persuade them to come along, we cannot create  enough momentum to create the change. Our positive energy will drain out.

How to get people support for the change:

  1. Explain that the change is for the common good.
  2. Show that there is no vested interest in that change.
  3. Start the change from OURSELF, set yourself as an example.
  4. Continue the change with our internal circle, where we have authority over it. Because a change without enforcement and only through love will take time and a lot of energy.
  5. Celebrate a victory no matter how small, to stimulate continuous changes.
  6. Thus our circle of influence will become bigger, until a momentum for a big change is created .

All theories seem easy, even thoug in reality it is not as easy as saying Nike’s slogan : Just Do It. Execution takes discipline, hard work, on often NOT POPULAR, but execution in a MUST for a super result.

So, just Execute! Result will Come!

Coach Cahyadi Kurniawan

ActionCOACH South Jakarta business coaches  guide businesses in selecting and implementing effective and cost-efficient marketing strategies to boost results with a proven 17-week guarantee. For more information on business coaching, or  call 021 2567 5775 .

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