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31 May 2011,
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Execution – What is Stopping You?

31 May 2011
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Execution What is Stopping YOU

What stops us from executing our plan and achieving our goals? After personally working with dozens of businesses, there seems to be a few very consistent trends…

Artikel Bahasa Indonesia : Pelaksanaan – Apa yang Menghentikan Anda

1) Business owners like “doing” the work themselves! They started their business because they like the trade they chose whether that be plumbing, computer programming or administering health care. The trap for business owners is that they will subconsciously find ways to get back to “doing” the work rather than managing the work.

2) Fighting fires is exciting! A smooth running business is boring and typically, business owners like excitement – it’s almost like they are adrenalin junkies subconsciously looking for ways to keep their life exciting so they have to “put out the fires”.

3) Employees are challenging! Many times owners want to off load (delegate) some of the functions of the business. The problem is that they hire the wrong people to delegate to. Without a sufficiently skilled, trained and motivated team, the owner perpetuates the belief that employees are challenging….the challenges created take focus away from goal achievement!

So, what’s the solution? I contend that it is discipline! Discipline to actually implement the plan and adjust the plan. Discipline to hold yourself and your team accountable for results NOT activity! Discipline to stay focused on the end goal and the life that it will produce.

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