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31 October 2015,
More Money

Sales Executive

31 October 2015
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Have you think about why profit and lost statement start with sales? The answer is simple if you do not have sales, there is no business, that is why sales is so important for the survival of a company. But sometimes people are too busy chasing for sales, they forget about the profit of a sale.

Actually, everybody sell, I am now selling my concept to you, every process which persuade somebody to accept a product, idea or concept is selling. Mr. Mochtar Riady (the founder of Lippo group) once stated that Salesman could be classified as:

1. Order taker
Market is there and product is there, the salesman only brings the goods to the consumers and they do not need and assistant on the product, such as commodity and consumer goods, where the customers already know the benefits of the product through mass media promotion. Here the salesman’s added value is very very small, he/she has to work hard to collect as many as possible order to fulfill his/her target. No authority on price and (sometime even) delivery.

2. High way powerful sales man
The product is there, demand is there, the salesman adds more value by pushing the customer to buy the product and usually they are powerful salesmen (so powerful that you better buy and send them away). Their motto is “Vini Vidi Vici” visit, push and get the order, if they do not success they move on the other customer. No authority on prices, but very persuasive. E.g. vacuum cleaner salesman? income mainly based on commission, some of them become very successful. Draw back is that they do not create continuity of the sales and have to keep on pushing, no sales no money.

3. Professional sales executive
No product and no demand, you create the market and usually this type of people is very rare and they do not want to classified themselves as salesman any more, they usually have a very prestige tittle like consultant, adviser, executive director etc. This kind of people work very systematically, they analyze the human behavior, the trend of life style then launch a great concept which everybody would like to have and…. The important thing is …. they make it happen. E.g. Sony created Walkman, Lippo created Tahapan.

How do sales force fit in the ink business? If you are only order taker, forget it, printer still need assistant on the ink. High way salesman? You can make good sales only for once, no more repeat order because you do not add value enough and your competitor can offer the same. E.g. You sell on cheap, somebody else can be cheaper, you delivery fast, somebody can deliver around the clock.

From the functional side all ink can be used, you can only win the game on the intangible side such as service, brand image and good will. That is also why we need a high-qualified sales executive who can add more value in this industry. Since value can be classified as functional (which most of the ink does) and perceived value, the job of the sales executive is to increase the perceived value. And you can only increase the perceived value, if the customer trust you, then you can help them to solve their problem.

Cahyadi Kurniawan Kurniawan

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