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30 December 2010,
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30 December 2010
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What’s preventing you from achieving your happy life? Is it your RULES?

What would you have to see, feel, hear, or have in order to feel HAPPY in your life? in your relationships? in your business? in your finances? in your self?

Now take a look at your list…. how do you feel?

1. Sheesh… that’s a lot of stuff I haven’t got. I got a lot of work to do
2. Hmm… that’s easy… I already got most of it
3. Not bad. I got some work to do but it seems pretty achievable

The things you list are your RULES for being HAPPY. Does it seem a lot of things need to happen before you get happy?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being ambitious, but does it seem like your rules for happiness is something so difficult that it may cause you to burnout in the process? Does it leave you feeling like nothing is ever enough?

Or in contrast, does it leave you feeling grateful and good about what you’ve achieved so far? Does it make you feel that you could die happy now with what you’ve got?

NEXT, what would you have to do, feel, hear, see, or have in order for you to feel UNHAPPY in your life? your relationships? your business? your financials? in yourself? List them down and take a look.

Now how does that make you feel?
1. Uh… that’s like my life everyday… sheesh, I feel like I can’t do anything right
2. Hmm… looks like things have to be REALLY bad before I can feel unhappy
3. Well, it’s a fair balance between Happy and Unhappy

These are your RULES for being UNHAPPY.

The KEY to HAPPINESS is to make the rules for happiness an easy thing to get… and in contrast, make the rules for unhappiness really hard to achieve.

If you set the rule: “in order to be happy, I must have a million dollars in my bank” then most likely you will not enjoy the process of getting there, because you won’t be happy until that million dollars come.

And if you set the rule: “in order to be unhappy, I can’t receive compliments all day” then when you have a quiet day that no one praises you, you’d easily be unhappy.

So setting your rules in this way will hinder you from getting a happy life.

So let’s try it another way:

“In order to be happy, I must achieve some progress with my prospect list today.” Even though you haven’t reached your million, you’re happy that you’re on your way there by winning the small wins with your prospects.

“In order to be unhappy, 20 people must come up to me at the same time to tell me that I’m ugly.” The likelihood of that happening is small… so it makes it hard to be unhappy. Good for you!

This realization is very powerful.

What’s preventing you from achieving your happy life? Is it your RULES? How can you create easier rules for yourself so that you can celebrate happiness sooner and more often in your life?

Never wish your life were happier… wish your rules were simpler.

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