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About ActionCOACH South Jakarta

In Indonesia, ActionCOACH was established in 2010 as ActionCOACH South Jakarta. Through the initiative of Coach Cynthia Wihardja, Coach Cahyadi Kurniawan, and Coach Marvin Suwarso, they combined over 50 years business experience and share a common culture of CARE towards the clients, team, strategic partners, and our beloved country. In the last 2 years, ActionCOACH South Jakarta has created over 1.501 jobs in the market so clients can grow and expand their businesses.

Your coaching program includes a comprehensive approach that enhances the three main area for business succes: Financial mastery, Leadership, and Execution. Through focused coaching and comprehensive education programs, we work with you to achieve quick wins and guaranteed results.

We are creating a one million dollar fund to be reinvested into South Jakarta based busiesses, as your goal is to invest entrepreneurial talent and create breaktrough results for the Indonesian economy.

We surround our vision and purpose with our strong CARE Culture. We remember that we are in the people business. So, when you step into our office, you’ll see that we make a sincere effort to make you feel welcomed. From the warm smiles to ging the extra mile, our Care Specialist and Business Success Team will take care of the daily routine things, so you can focus on making the critical decisions with your Coach to improve your business.

Furthermore, we also express our care to the community through our Coaching for a Cause initiative. The idea is to give complimentary coaching to non-profit organization using the ActionCOACH business enhancement system to increase their donations and their organizational systems. We are currently coaching Habitat for Humanity and Yayasan Prima Unggul (Entrepreneurship High School for Underprivilaged Teens).

ActionCOACH South Jakarta is ready to help you in your business… The only question is… are you ready for us?

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