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Employee engagement is one of the major issue that companies not only in Indonesia, but worldwide have to face and solve. As there are only 13% engaged employee from the total employees working on organization worldwide. While in Indonesia, merely 8% employees working on organization are engaged.

Unengaged employees are workers who are not enthusiastic and committed with their work and workplace. These employees will affect the profitability of the company as they are not productive and will only waste time and money of the company.

Although companies are aware of the advantages of team engagement, there are no proven programs that can give measureable improvement … UNTIL NOW!!

ActionCOACH South Jakarta has increased team engagement in just 12 weeks with a group activation system proven in 15 countries. It is not training or just motivation. You will see real and lasting change in your team that can translate to better business results.

Register now for a 90 minutes free coaching session and find out how your business can:

  • Boost staff productivity and engagement levels
  • Generate a connected working environment
  • Improve relationship between leader and staff
  • Enable people from different backgrounds, cultures and generation to work together as one dynamic and united team
  • Generate positive flow of communication
  • Dig up new innovation, best practices and creativity among your team
  • Drive individual and team accountability in all workplace deliverables
  • Develop inter and intra team communication and collaboration
  • Identify and develop current and emerging leadership talent

Be part of a proven success story.  Begin your journey to real lasting team engagement now.

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