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24 October 2015,

Getting Your People to Happily Sell More

24 October 2015

Getting Your People to Happily Sell More

At the end of the day, you will enhance your skills as a Leader for your sales team.  Whether you’re a business owner or a sales leader, this workshop will give you the insights on how create an environment & business system that boosts sales results.


Mindset of Successful Sales Leaders

  • How to reduce your stress and be more productive as a leader
  • How to create an environment of ownership
  • How to break through limiting beliefs that hinders results


Recruiting and Motivating Different Sales People

  • Do you have the right person for the job? How to recruit superstars
  • Determining the right type of sales person you need using DISC
  • Motivating different DISC profiles to perform


Managing Your Sales Process

  • Building a sales system that makes selling easier and more successful
  • Determining the root cause of your sales problems
  • Measuring improvement


Incentives that Drive Results

  • The difference between linear and exponential incentive systems
  • How to create an environment where winning is fun
  • Evaluating your people


Coach Cynthia has 18 years experience in sales and sales management.  Her performance in her multinational career has won her awards such as: Corporate Manager of the Year and Outstanding Sales & Profits.  She fixed non-performing business units in Indonesia & Singapore and turned them around in 12-18 months.  She is remembered and appreciated by her clients for her proactive approach and great customer service.

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