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Ticket: How to Manage a Sales Department to Maximize Motivation 2018/08/02

Want to improve your sales results? Sales training is not enough! Most sales teams don’t perform because they recruit the wrong people, design ineffective incentives, do not manage them properly, and do not have a good sales strategy. Let’s get to the root of the problem. Let’s invest in developing our sales managers to become better leaders and business people.

This workshop is NOT for sales people. It is for business owners, sales directors, and sales managers who want to sharpen their management strategies to boost performance and overcome revenue challenges.

This one-day workshop will provide a broad understanding on :

1. How to find and recruit the right sales person for your industry
2. How to set an incentive systems which will motivate the sales people to achieve
3. How to set up and monitor KPI to ensure success
4. Include live diagnosis with an experienced Sales Practitioner, Coach and Recruitment Agency to give real and relevant inputs to the Sales topic.